National Union of Seafarers of Peninsular Malaysia (NUSPM)

The objective of the union is to defend the rights, well-being and interest of seafarers at workplace. In addition, NUSPM will ensure vessel owners provide decent working condition and good welfare for seafarers, including employment security, safety and health in vessels. … Read More >National Union of Seafarers of Peninsular Malaysia (NUSPM)

Perjuangan mogok kerja ladang Asahan

Pada bulan Julai 1965, para pekerja Asahan Estate sepakat untuk menyatakan bantahan keras mereka terhadap pembuatan menukar cara menimbang susu gerah yang dilakukan oleh pihak majikan dengan mogok timbang susu getah dan mogok kerja sehari. … Read More >Perjuangan mogok kerja ladang Asahan

Friends of Women Selangor (PSWS)

PSWS envisages a Malaysian society built on equality and justice for all workers regardless of their class and gender. The focal points of the organisation are women workers in informal economy and domestic workers, its mission includes the increase of women’s participation in trade unions and empower women workers to face the challenges of neo-liberal globalisation. … Read More >Friends of Women Selangor (PSWS)

Association of Nationalist Overseas Filipino Workers in Malaysia (AMMPO)

AMMPO is a worker organisation acts as mutual support group in Malaysia. It provides counselling, shelter and capacity training for members, it also visit distress members and provide legal assistance for employment-related issues. … Read More >Association of Nationalist Overseas Filipino Workers in Malaysia (AMMPO)

The 1947 Kedah Strike

The climax of the situation was reached where the police opened fire on workers in one estate in Kedah. This incident clearly marked a watershed in labour relations and signalled more serious collusion between employers (and now) the security forces than had hitherto been the case. … Read More >The 1947 Kedah Strike

The 1941 Klang Estate Workers’ Strikes

When the strikes continued to spread, a state of emergency was declared in Selangor state on 16 May, the troops were reinforced and four strikers were killed after a confrontation arising from the arrest of two men on the Sungei Sedu estate. … Read More >The 1941 Klang Estate Workers’ Strikes