LLRC Bulletin : Freedom of Association Makes Unions Stronger Ever

Since the Malaysian government tabled the Trade Union (Amendment) Bill for the first reading at the parliament in March 2022, some unions have launched a campaign against so-called “multiplicity of unions” at workplaces.

The Labour Law Reform Coalition (LLRC) disagrees with the campaign, which is spreading fear among trade unionists. In fact, the bill is in conformity with the ILO Convention on Freedom of Association, and the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has been demanding implementation of the international standard since its inception.

Therefore, LLRC has published a bulletin titled “Freedom of Association Makes Unions Stronger Ever” to explain that why Malaysian workers should support the Trade Union (Amendment) Bill 2022, even though we are of the view that the proposed 4th schedule should be dropped immediately.

Please download the electronic version of the bulletin at below :