Malayan Nurses Union (MNU)

Union Background

Malayan Nurses Union (MNU) is one of the earliest Malaysian trade unions that was established before the independence. Today, there are about 23,000 MNU members across the country, both females and male.

The objective of the MNU is to protect nurses’ welfare and appreciate their great contribution and sacrifice in the public healthcare sector. 

“Nursing is a very challenging career”, said Nor hayati Abdul Rashid, the President of Malayan Nurses Union (MNU), “our members need to take up shift work at odd hours and fully concentrate their time and energy in saving people’s lives.”

“Not everyone can do this kind of work unless she or he has strong commitment and selfless devotion. That’s why we should pay extra attention to the welfare of health workers, especially nurses.” Added Nor Hayati.

Currently, MNU is fighting for higher allowance for its members due to increasing cost of living. MNU proposes the government to give an additional night shift allowance to all health workers including nurses, as this will make the job attractive.

She said, “In addition, nurses should be given opportunities to further study. Although there are available programs, our members just cannot take it because they have too much workload and the sector has very limited manpower. This problem should be overcome.”

Locally, MNU is affiliated with Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (CUEPACS) and Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC); Globally, MNU is affiliated with Public Services International (PSI).

Organisation Structure

President                 : Nor Hayati Bin Abd Rashid

Deputy President I   : Saaidah Binti Athman

Deputy President II : Shariah Binti Yop

Deputy President III : Foong Chiew Ha

Secretary General   : Azira Binti Ali

Assistant S-G          : Haniyah Bt Hassan

Treasurer                : Norsiah Binti Harun

Contact Us

MNU’s membership is open to all workers who are employed as nurses in the public hospitals in Malaysia.

If you are interested to join MNU or you have any queries, please contact us :

MNU Headquarter address

No. 82 A, Jalan Padang Belia,

50470, Brickfields,

Kuala Lumpur

Tel : (+60)3-22749862

Fax: (+60)3-22749776

Website :