National Union of Seafarers of Peninsular Malaysia (NUSPM)


National Union of Seafarers of Peninsular Malaysia (NUSPM) was established in Klang in 1996, after officially registered with registrar of trade union on 26 December 1996.

The objective of the union is to defend the rights, well-being and interest of seafarers at workplace. In addition, NUSPM will ensure vessel owners provide decent working condition and good welfare for seafarers, including employment security, safety and health in vessels.

Unlike normal working environment, working in vessel and travelling from one country to another country through sea is full of risk, the weather is absolutely unpredictable.

In the industry, many seafarers injured or died in accidents at sea, or they were stranded in sea because unscrupulous vessel owners ran away and abandoned their workers. That is why the unity and collective strength among seafarers are very crucial, joining NUSPM will protect seafarers from mistreatment and victimization.

The union accepts a wide-range of seafarers as members, such as ordinary seamen, technicians, engineers, chefs, other crews up to the rank of second master. NUSPM has 938 members throughout the country.

Locally, NUSPM is affiliated with Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC); Internationally, NUSPM is affiliated with International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

Organisation Structure

President : Mahamud Bin Patmo
Vice President : Valluvan Alagu
General secretary : Asomuddin Ahmad
Assistant G.S. : Mohd Shahar Bin Yaacob
Executive Secretary : Ikmal Azam Thanaraj Abdullah
Treasurer General : Mior Ahmad Bin Mohd Hashim
Exco : Rosman Bin Ismail, Abbas Jamaludin, Mazliyana Binti Mazlan

Contact us

Address : Mariner’s Centre, 2, Jalan Depoh, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Mobile : (+60)13-3834140
Website :