Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers Association (PERTIMIG)

PERTIMIG, Indonesian Migrant Domestic Workers Association, was established by Indonesian migrant domestic workers in Malaysia on 15 December 2019. At this moment, the association has 120 members.

PERTIMIG is an independent organization fighting for the rights of migrant domestic workers. In carrying out organizing works, PERTIMIG adheres to democratic principles.

Our vision is to advocate for decent work and welfare for Indonesian migrant domestic workers and their families in Malaysia. We demand protection for domestic workers through the national laws and regulatory framework.

PERTIMIG’s five missions are : (1) Organizing Indonesian migrant domestic workers, (2) Launching campaigns to ratify Convention 189 and Convention 190 to realize decent work for domestic workers, (3) Eliminating discrimination against domestic workers, (4) Advocating for policy change, (5) Empowering and strengthening the capacity of our members.

In Malaysia, PERTIMIG is part of the Labour Law Reform Coalition. Internationally, we are an affiliate of International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF).

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