[PS] LLRC Lashes out at Lee Pineapple Co. Ltd.

Press Statement by the Labour Solidarity and Learning Resource Association on 11 November 2023 in Shah Alam

The Labour Solidarity and Learning Resource Association condemns Lee Pineapple Co. Ltd for its failure to provide fair compensation to older workers. The factory ceased its operation on 31 October.

More than 30 older workers ranging 60 to 80 years old held a protest at the factory premise in Skudai on 5 November, criticizing the company for giving severance pay of 20 days per year for those age below 60 years old, but older workers above 60 years old and served more than 15 years are only entitled to 3.5 months retirement compensation.

It is unacceptable that a prominent company like Lee Pineapple Co. Ltd. just provides the minimum benefit for older workers who contributed to the growth of the company and the industry for decades.

Lee Pineapple Co. Ltd. is owned by the family of philanthropist Lee Kong Chian. The family has donated billions of ringgits to universities, schools, museums and libraries in the past few decades, which is commendable.

However, how could the Lee family allow such unfair treatment to happen to the older workers at the historic pineapple factory? The arrogant company management was not even willing to discuss the matter when the Skudai assemblywoman Marina Ibrahim approached the company.

The minimum compensation is not even up to the normal industrial standard, which is at least one month pay per one year of service.

This incident shows that the shortcoming in the current regulation has failed to make the rich pay reasonable compensation to the poor workers.

The root cause is obvious. The Employment (Termination and layoff benefits) Regulation 1980 stipulates minimum severance benefits for Malaysian workers – 10 day pay per month (work less than 2 years), 15 day pay per month (work between 2 and 5 years), 20 day pay per month (work longer than 5 years).

We demand the unity government to reform the Employment (Termination and layoff benefits) Regulation 1980 as soon as possible, making one month pay per one year of service a standard severance pay in Malaysia.

The Madani economy should not just look into workers’ wages, all the outdated regulations and policies that provide the extremely low benefits to Malaysian workers should be overhauled.

Gopal Kishnam Nadesan

LLRC Secretary


柔南益黄梨厂不合理赔偿  劳改联盟促修订雇用条例








根本原因非常明显。我国的1980年雇用条例 (The Employment (Termination and layoff benefits) Regulation 1980) 规定了最低赔偿金 – 服务少于2年者可获得每服务年10天薪金,服务介于2年至5年者可获得每服务年15天薪金,服务5年或以上者可获得每服务年20天薪金。