Friends of Women Selangor (PSWS)


Friends of Women Selangor (Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor – PSWS) was established in 1970s by a group of women activists, the first initiative was to organise women workers in the Sungai Way Free Trade Zone in Selangor.

PSWS envisages a Malaysian society built on equality and justice for all workers regardless of their class and gender. The focal points of the organisation are women workers in informal economy and domestic workers, its mission includes the increase of women’s participation in trade unions and empower women workers to face the challenges of neo-liberal globalisation.

The organisation has been organising trainings and workshops for women in Selangor, Penang, Perak and Johore. It also plays an active role in advocacy campaigns fighting for rights and well-being of women workers, such as The Living Wage campaign and trainings on Health and Safety at the work-place. It joins hands with coalitions such as the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality, Towards Convention 189 (rights of local and migrant Domestic Workers), Right to Redress (rights of migrant workers) and Labour Law Reform Coalition.

Organisational Structure

The organisation elects an Executive Committee, made up of seven or more women, which manages the running of the organisation. The Committee is elected every two years.

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