Recognize Sabah Timber Industry Employees’ Union, Stop Wage Theft practice!

Press Statement by Labour Law Reform Coalition on 21 September 2020 in Shah Alam

The Labour Law Reform Coalition (LLRC), a broad coalition of 58 Trade Unions and NGOs, calls on all political parties and Sabah election candidate to protect timber workers’ right to join Sabah Timber Industry Employees’ Union (STIEU) and bargain collectively with their employer.

Their right to collective bargaining has been violated due to prolonged legal battles on claim for recognition filed by Sabah Forest Industry since 1991, this denies STIEU’s right to bargain for workers’ wages and welfares for 29 years.

Enough is enough! We urge the honourable members and election candidates resolve the plight of STIEU by putting an end of union busting by Sabah Forest Industry and recognize the union immediately.

Moreover, we would like to draw the public attention on wage theft issue at Fu Yee in Tawau and few members of Sabah Timber Industry Association (STIA). The Fu Yee company forced workers to accept 50 per cent of wages without consent of workers, and intimidated STIEU members in order to force them to join an in-house union.

LLRC seeks political parties and election candidates’ commitment to end all these union busting and protect the fundamental rights of STIEU members.

N. Gopal Kishnam & Irene Xavier
Labour Law Reform Coalition