Registration of trade unions

Source : Summarised from the guideline of the Department of Trade Union Affairs.

Note : For registration using Electronic Trade Union Information System please click e-TUIS.


1.0 Minimum 7 workers to register a trade union

The establishment of a trade union starts with an inaugural meeting. Attended
by as many people as possible interested in forming such union, but not lesser
then seven people that eventually become the pro-tem committee

2.0 Agenda of Inaugural meeting

These items must be included as parts of the meeting:

i. Appointment of “Temporary Chairperson” and “Secretary” for the inaugural meeting.

ii. Brief discussion on the objectives of the trade union.

iii. Decide the scope of membership.

iv. Decide the entrance fee and monthly subscription.

v. Decide the name and registered address of the trade union

vi. Discusses and approve the Rule of the trade union.

  • Appointment of Pro-Tem Committee consisting the President, Secretary, Treasurer and four (4) committee members, that can be done by show of hands. The appointment must be in accordance with section 28 —
  • A Malaysian Citizen;
  • Never been elected as an officer of any trade union of which the registration has been cancelled or withdrawn under section 15(1)(b)(iv), (v) or (vi) or under any law repealed by Trade Union Act 1959.;
  • Not an office-bearer or employee of a political party;
  • Never been convicted by any court of law for criminal breach of trust, extortion or intimidation or any other offence which in the opinion of the Director General renders him unfit to be a trade union officer or;
  • Not declared bankrupt.

vii. Other matters

viii. Conclusion

3.0 Application documents

The procedures to register a trade union are as follows:

a. Fill up the Application Form (Form B).

b. Submit the following documents to the nearest Trade Unions Department
within 30 days from the date of the establishment (inaugural meeting):

  • Application Letter – 2 copies.
  • Minutes of Inaugural Meeting – 2 copies.
  • List of workmen who attended the inaugural meeting – 2 copies
  • List of workmen who supported the establishment of trade union– 2 copies.
  • Printed copy of the Trade Union Rules (with the original signatures of the seven (7) applicants at the last page of every copy rules ) – 4 original copies.
  • Application Form (Form B) – 4 original copies.
  • Praecipe Form together with revenue stamp of RM30.00 – 1 original copy.

4.0 Not allow to collect monthly fee

a. Trade unions are advised to check meticulously a “proof copy” before printing and if necessary, obtain advice and guidance from the department.

b. Trade Union is not allowed to collect monthly fee or any other fees from
members to defray any expenditure for the registration process except
with the permission from the Director General of Trade Union.

5.0 Check list

Documents to be submitted:

  • Application letter
  • Form B
  • Praecipe Form attached with revenue stamp of RM30.00
  • Printed trade union rules
  • Minutes of trade union’s inaugural meeting
  • Attendance List of inaugural meeting
  • List of workmen who support the establishment of trade union
  • Other documents requested by the department such as appointment letter, my card, pay slip etc.