Submission of reform proposals on Trade Union Act and Industrial Relations Act to the Minister

On 14 May 2019, the representatives of Labour Law Reform Coalition submitted a memorandum to the Minister of Human Resources M. Kulasegaran, urging the government to accept our reform proposal for Trade Union Act and Industrial Relations Act.

The Minister said he would look into our proposals, the ministerial officials would contact us for further discussion. Kulasegaran also said his target is to increase the union membership in the country from 6% to 30%.

After the discussion with the minister, we were invited to join a consultation meeting on labour law amendments at the Ministry of Human Resources, Putrajaya. We urge the ministry to change the definition of employee in the labour laws to include platform workers.

Please download the three reform proposals submitted to MOHR by LLRC. The Employment Act proposal had been submitted to MOHR in January 2019.